Law of Attraction

I'm sure you're familiar with the Law of Attraction and have an idea of how it works. If not, this article will provide you with a learning overview that can help you to understand and also apply this surprisingly powerful concept.

I, like many practitioners of the life laws believe in synchronicity.

In that sense you should already see that you being here reading this is no coincidence!

law of attractionWhat is it that you believe?

It's an important question to ponder and quite relevant to what it is that you're attracting into your life.

To give you some perspective, I myself have spent several years of my life learning, understanding, mastering and ultimately using the Law of Attraction.

Are You Aware?

To begin with gaining an understanding of what this law is and how it works in our lives, you first need to be aware of what's going on around you.

I don't mean keeping up to date with the TV news or relying on gossip from neighbors and friends.

I mean actually being awake and aware of yourself, your thoughts and your surroundings in a way that perhaps you may not have been up until this moment.

A lot of what makes up our lives is on the spiritual level but most people are simply not tuned in to it. Instead, they allow whatever is going on around them including the daily bombardment of the media to shape their lives.

When you choose to discover the truth about what drives our lives, you'll start to raise your awareness above the confines of the media and the gossip. You'll begin to see that there is far more to everything than you had believed and you'll want to know what that is!

If you've arrived at this point and suddenly it seem like this is going to take some work on your behalf, don't let it worry you. Yes, it will involve some work, but it's all interesting, thought provoking and even enjoyable work.

Once you start learning and the realization kicks in that there is so much to learn, you'll either dive in with relish or you'll go back to where you were. That place is a place I never want to return to because it is a man-made, orchestrated brainwashing of the mass public that is designed to enslave us all and keep us from the truth of who and what we truly are.


Some of you may be thinking this is nothing more than some kind of conspiracy theory put forward by some activist subversive type that just wants to stir up trouble.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

That's the kind of thinking that decades of propaganda and brainwashing has caused so many people to believe: that anything outside their safe, cozy, governed world is bad. That's why I belabored the point about being awake and aware.

When you become aware, you realize that most everything you've been taught from the earliest point in your life has been a carefully planned agenda driven lie. Why would anyone do that?

It's done to make sure that you and everyone else grows up into a world governed by rules and regulations that satisfy the accepted idea of what civilized society should be. While certain rules are necessary for well organized society to function properly, not all of them make sense or allow for people to free their minds and discover the power of their mental faculties in the way they are meant to.

Outside of this particular "box" is a larger world of possibilities and experiences that most miss out on altogether. It starts with taking the first steps to understanding what kind of power you and everyone else possesses in their heads.

Learning the Law

My experience has been this: That learning and making use of the Law of Attraction is very like most things in life.

  1. A person can go it alone though self study and make some headway
  2. They can get help and support on their journey

The second option is undoubtedly the easiest, quickest and safest. It probably seems obvious that taking the latter route means avoiding many of the mishaps and misunderstandings while being able to more easily learn everything from scratch.

There are several self study books and video courses that can certainly teach you most everything you need to know. However, they won't be able to answer your questions or provide real human support like a real live tutor or coach will.

Reading the books and watching documentary style movies like The Secret is good, but there is more to learn.

Learning to do affirmations and visualizations from courses will help, but won't take you all the way.

It takes a lot of personal commitment, a good helping of courage and a serious plan of action that you put into practice to turn things around in your life for the better.

Never Give Up

It's a shame when people try this but don't see massive results quickly and claim "It doesn't work!" They go back to their old ways, forgetting all about the Law of Attraction and as if by some kind of magic, they've proved themselves right!

never give upFortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

When you learn that you attract what you are predominantly thinking about and feeling inside, you'll see that by persevering in the belief that it does work, it will work for you.

It's an incredible feeling, the realization that the Law of Attraction really does work! Do you know that the only thing getting in the way of making your life better in all ways has been the limiting beliefs about you, your life and your circumstances you've been harbouring?

We're not always completely honest with ourselves. To reinforce this, we surround ourselves with the very people that agree with us about why life is the way it is.

I'll be honest with you, there are a whole series of habitual thing that you do that could be sabotaging yourself. You can learn what these are and discover techniques for overcoming them and replacing them with good habits that will promote positive change.

I do so wish this stuff could be taught in schools. It's so sad that it's not!

Not Taught in Schools

You should know that this Spiritual Law has been known about and referred to by many scholars, teachers and leaders throughout the preceding centuries. Yet it isn't taught to our children.

I have found that there are times when you just have to get out of the comfort zone and find the really important information for yourself. As a parent, I believe it is my job to teach it to my kids if the schools won't.

One of the great things I hear from people that have taken this law on board is that they also learn so very much about themselves and what it is that they really want. Many also want to share their stories about what it was that made that difference.

I hope this is what you experience when you start to learn about this law. I also hope that you'll spread the word to all the people you know and love. That's a great way to make the world a happier place!

What Do You Focus On?

Ask yourself this: "How often each day do I focus on the negative things in my life?

Here are some of the more common negative thoughts:

On the flip side, how many times each day do you place your attention on what you love or really like about your life?

Do you ever imagine what freedom really feels like?

Do it right now. Get inside your imagination and try to not only picture, but also experience what freedom looks and feels like.

What about imagining what truly abundant or rich in every way looks and feels like?

It's What You Experience

To make the magic of the Law of Attraction work in your life, you need to imagine (visualize) and really experience those feelings of abundance and freedom to ensure the Universe knows that you want more of it.

You may have already experienced the opposite, where feeling lack and want just brings you more feelings of lack and want. That leads to attracting more circumstances to you where you'll experience lack and want.

Applying the Law of Attraction to your life probably sounds easy. It's a simple concept of course, but its practical application can be a challenge.

It's common to begin procrastinating when left to their own devices, then simply quit trying and return to the old way of doing things when results aren't immediate or very quick to manifest. And they hear themselves saying, "This stuff doesn't work!"

While nothing is wrong with the old ways, you have to ask yourself if those old ways ever got you what you wanted. Chances are they did not. Sometimes all we need is to learn a new way of getting what we want!

The Benefits of Understanding the Law of Attraction

If there's an area of you life that in some way you're not exactly happy with, learning this law can help you to truly understand that your perceived limitations can be changed and overcome.

Whatever your current situation is or what struggles you are facing, it can be changed for the better by understanding and applying the Law of Attraction!

You just need to understand how it works and be aware of what the rules are. It's just like starting out on any journey: you need a map to show you where you're coming from and where you're going to.

Likewise, you need to know exactly what it is that you want. That way you'll know when you've arrived at your destination and achieved your goal.

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