As an extension of your personal development plan, Dr Joe Vitale's training course on Ho'oponopono certification for practitioners could be highly beneficial to you.

Have you considered learning how to cleanse your mind to clear out any blockages that may be hampering your progress in life?

Using the power of this ancient Hawaiian prayer technique can clear the obstacles from your path to greater things in your life!

Yet there is more than can be achieved from taking this ho'oponopono certification course for practitioners.

That's aside from learning what this ancient mental cleansing process is and how to use it

You can also learn how to take the teachings and present them to students of your own as a certified practitioner in your own right.

Let's take a look at this relatively simple yet powerful process.

A process that can produce remarkable results in anyone that needs a little help to move forward in their journey through life.

What is Ho'oponopono?

At its most basic, it is an ancient form of Hawaiian prayer that was and still is to this day used for healing and making things right.

Using the power of forgiveness, a practitioner (Kahuna) would, after determining which problems were present in a family, enable a release from the guilt and fear of recrimination of the affected people.

It is rapidly becoming well known that holding on to strong negative emotional feelings has a tendency to manifest as physical ill health in one way or another.

The Hawaiian doctors of old knew that by removing the causes of the bad emotions and releasing them, the associated illnesses would rapidly dissipate.

We can still make good use of this knowledge today.

The modern form of ho'oponopono is used in a number of healing practices that focus on finding and removing the root cause of a problem and not, as is the emphasis of modern medicine, to only treat the symptom, typically with drugs or medications.

There is a simple, four part mantra associated with ho'oponopono that is repeated continually by the practitioner to aid the release of the mental or emotional blockage in a sufferer.

It goes like this: ″I am sorry;" "Please forgive me;" "I love you;" "Thank you.″

What Does the Course Consist Of?

The course, created by certified law of attraction expert Dr Joe Vitale, assisted by Mathew Dixon and with additional coaching from Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, is a complete tutorial on what ho'oponopono is, how it is used and how you can take your new-found knowledge and understanding and teach it to your own students.

The course consists of eight modules each consisting of a training video, all tied together with a guidebook that explains the training process. The videos feature a number of trained experts along with special tutoring by Dr Hew Len and Dr Vitale.

The modules are easy to follow and you can take them at your own pace, which is perfect for all kinds of people that may be busy with all kinds of work, family or hobby projects.

Pros and Cons

As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to learning from this kind of tutorial program. I'll highlight the more important aspects of the course:


  • The course creators are well known and established experts in their field

  • This course is available as a downloadable product, making it easy to acquire after purchase, since there is no shipping of a physical product involved and the download can be accessed immediately.

  • Anyone of any age may take and complete this course

  • Upon completion, you will be a professional, certified practitioner of Ho'oponopono and be able to teach it to others

  • You will also, upon completion and certification, be able to heal others

  • You can also use the knowledge to cleanse your own mind and heal yourself

  • You can experience a happier, healthier outlook on life


  • You are required to actually learn and understand the course material and display your understanding by taking an examination to attain certification.

  • The process will involve having to face your own demons as it takes you outside your comfort zone

  • The course is designed for committed students who are serious and truly want to self improve, passing on their knowledge to others. It is certainly NOT for tire kickers!


If you want to really take full control of your life by eliminating all limiting beliefs, unfounded worries and irrational fears that may be holding you back, this course is for you!

The course creator, Dr Joe Vitale has a long and well documented record of practicing the life laws of attraction and self improvement. He has authored a number of best selling books on a variety of subjects surrounding this aspect of life and is a long-time practitioner of ho'oponopono in his own right.

There are some pretty hefty credentials right there!

By taking this course, you get the benefit of being taught by one of the present-day masters of personal development and self healing. You can use the knowledge that you attain to help yourself to improve and grow as well as teach others about this powerful healing process.