EMF Radiation Protection

Are you worried about the effects on your health and your family's health of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electronic devices?

Cell phones, tablets, computers etc. all emit EMF at varying levels of power and the major concern is how it affects the human body.

The majority of the damage done by this electromagnetic radiation is at the cellular level, which you cannot see or even feel until it is too late!

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Cell Damage

emf radiation protectionOur cells are particularly susceptible to internal damage from this type of electronically emitted radiation, right down to the DNA.

The damage can result in cell deformity (such as cancer), reduced ability to self-repair or fight off pathogens or even complete cell death.

It doesn't just happen to a few cells, either.

When exposed to enough radiation for long enough, every cell in the body can be negatively affected in some way.

When parts of the body are in close proximity to the radiation being emitted by a device, those areas suffer the most damage, as the strength of the signal is reduced the farther you get from the source.

Cell Phones

The most talked about danger of modern times is the cell phone and how much radiation they emit.

Of particular concern is the localized area that receives most of the radiation, which is the head as the phone is commonly held up to the ear when making or receiving calls.

Depending on the length of each call and the frequency of calls taken each day, the brain can cumulatively absorb enough radiation to cause it irreparable damage over time.

The younger the person, the more damage (and more widespread) is suffered with teens and children being the most susceptible to the most cell damage.

How Do You Use Your Cell Phone?

Do you hold it to your ear to make and take calls? If you are, you are potentially doing yourself (and particularly your brain) the most harm.

If you must use your phone at all, it is better to use it on speaker-phone and hold it away from you a little. That way you can still take calls but you reduce the amount of radiation that can enter your body and particularly protect your brain.

Of course, you must also not hold it near to your heart, for obvious reasons!

What About a Tablet?

The same advice goes for tablet use. While you may not use a tablet for making or receiving phone calls, it still emits EMF with the strongest signals being closest to the device.

If you're resting it on your lap while watching videos or reading social media, you're essentially pouring that radiation into your genitals and potentially damaging your ability to reproduce!

Think on that for a while.

A lot of people I talk to are amazingly apathetic when it comes to the danger of prolonged EMF exposure to their brain. However, when they hear they might be damaging their precious reproductive equipment, they sure as anything sit up and take notice!

Do you allow your child to use a cell phone or tablet?

If you are, I will be blunt by saying this can be potentially doing them severe harm. They may argue with you and give you a hard time, but the best thing you can do is take it off them and don't let them use it.

At all. Ever.

At least until they're old enough to make their own choices and understand the implications of using such devices.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family from EMF

protect your family from emfThere are a number of things you can do to at least reduce the effect of this radiation in the home.

The obvious ones are to not stand or sit too close to any electronic device that is emitting EMF.

That includes the obvious one like cell phones, tablets, computer equipment, Wi-Fi, television, microwave oven.

As well as the not-so-obvious ones like baby monitors, radios, refrigerator, electric oven and cooker, dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner and even the electrical cabling hidden in the walls of your home!

They all emit EMF to varying degrees!

The most obvious defence is to keep any electronic devices that are not being used turned off and unplugged. It is surprising just ho w many electrical appliances and gadgets are left plugged in and even turned on when they're not being used.

And they're all emitting some radiation, no matter how little and it all adds up!

A big, yet often unaddressed problem in most homes that so many people are surprisingly unaware of is the Wi-Fi. This device is pumping out a surprisingly high amount of dangerous radiation all the time it is active, which in many households is 24/7.

A sensible approach that can seriously reduce your family's exposure is to turn off the Wi-Fi when you go to bed at night. Why would you even want it on?

While you're about it, turn off all cell phones, tablets, computer equipment and TVs when you go to bed too. You'll all sleep better without being constantly bombarded with the radiation emitted by all those devices and you'll be negating eight hours or so of the damage it causes.

Is There a Radiation Blocker?

What if you could simply buy a small gadget that blocked all of that dangerous EMF radiation spilling from your electronic devices?

Something that would give you peace of mind that you and your family are being protected from the harmful invisible rays of energy that are being emitted from every electrically powered appliance in your home.

Well, actually you can!

There are a number of small yet effective radiation shields that you can buy that will actually significantly reduce the potency of that radiation, rendering it almost harmless.

I've tried out some of them myself and the one that I believe is the best I've come across to date is the PWEGuard

Common Questions

I have included some commonly asked questions about electromagnetic radiation, its effects and how it can be dealt with below:

Why Should I Be Concerned About EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic fields are generated by all electrical devices, such as cell phones and the radiation they emit. This radiation impacts our bodies at the cellular level.

Science has demonstrated a number of negative effects on human body cells. These include cell membrane damage, loss of calcium ions and even DNA damage.

This cellular level damage has serious repercussions on your health. More importantly, we are beginning to observe that long-term exposure to EMF is linked to significantly debilitating diseases.

These include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression and even suicide. Studies also link prolonged exposure to EMF to premature aging.

If you truly want to stay healthy and look your best, it may not be enough to focus on using the law of attraction to bring you good health. You really need to reduce your exposure to EMF as doing so can actually make you look and feel younger!

How to Block EMF Radiation?

Let's look at how to protect yourself from EMF radiation and some of the ways they can be blocked or at least reduced in intensity enough to lower the danger.

You should begin by becoming aware of what is emitting EMF in and around your home. Once you have identified the culprits, you can take action to block their unwanted electronic emissions.

All electrical equipment from common appliances to computer hardware, cell phones and tablets and also the WiFi that connects them all are busy emitting EMF radiation whenever they're turned on, which, in many households is practically all of the time.

When something is not being used, turn it off and if it's plugged in, unplug it from the mains. That simple act will nullify any emissions from that device.

Realize that the closer you are to an electronic device, the stronger is the electromagnetic field. The strength decreases radially the further you move away from it.

If you remember any physics from high school, you'll know it follows the inverse-square law. So keep a safe distance from the device to reduce your body's absorption of the radiation.

Also, the more devices that are radiating in a space, the greater is the strength of the field. So reduce the number of devices and you reduce the strength of radiation.

You can also provide some shielding from the radiation.

Radiation shields can be purchased (see my recommendation above) and you can also put up some additional shielding of your own between you and the source. This can take the form of shielded clothing, placing the source behind a shielding membrane such as aluminum foil or place certain EMF absorbing crystals between you and the source (more about that in a separate article: "What Crystals Help with EMF?").