The way of looking for alternative medicine is one that is growing every year. Every day it’s a new herbal this, or all natural that, I for one don’t know who or what to trust when it comes to it all.

I suffer from lower back pain, which I will be keeping track of specifically using the Wholetones song Desert Sojorn. My search for answers other than stretching and the doctor have me optimistic that I can make a difference with this. I’m going to be posting about my progress as I go along.

There are many reasons that can drive you to Healing Frequencies, and I have already touched on a few in my main post.

These reasons can range from:

  • Pain Relief
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Chronic Migraines
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Immunity to Disease
  • Intelligence, Learning, Higher IQ
  • Anxiousness
  • Liver and Kidney Function

I also talked about why I chose Wholetones, from the story of the creator Michael Tyrell, to original actual songs based on frequencies, to the 90 day guarantee. Everything felt more comfortable. Micheal’s personality and outlook can’t help but rub off on you as you learn more about him and his music.

Wholetones gets down to specific focuses in 7 songs, which are 22 minutes a piece.

Each song represents a tone from King David’s music, and targets can range from:

  • Supporting blood, liver function, bones, brain health and kidney function.
  • Productivity and creativity, supporting issues of the stomach – especially digestion. It can also positively affect gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, and lower back pain.
  • Establishes peace amid chaos.
  • Restores your sound, peaceful sleep, balances your hormones, and gently soothes your muscles, circulatory, and lymphatic systems with gentle, alluring musical vibrations.
  • Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships, boosts your endocrine system and heals your adrenal glands and gallbladder.
  • Deep spiritual and emotional healing.
  • Purely spiritual

One of the great things about specifying your symptoms, is that you can spend more time with frequencies you need, and use other time to investigate newer ones.

How it’s Made

Being able to distinguish the 7 tones from the original King David’s tuning, Michael Tyrrell recorded the songs with analog technology, making sure all instruments used were also perfectly tuned. The fact that they are real songs, instead of one long tone, is what makes them stick out most to me.

This is something I can listen to alone at home, in the car, at work, and not be bored with it. How you embrace the spiritual element is up to you, but the research he put into fine tuning the tones is outstanding.

Wholetones Review

The site has it’s own reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive (Of course). However, reviews around the web share my own feelings of positive. Most people’s reviews show rapid success, not needed an overwhelmingly long span of time to work. Also, it seems like all of the songs are represented well. They flow well together, and can be used in all aspects of life.

My Wholetones review is currently ongoing. Listening to the “Key of David” is a great way to start or end a work day. “Transformation” is one that I’m recommending for my girlfriend, who was suffered from sleeping problems her entire life. I also am specifically targeting my lower back issues with “Desert Sojorn”.

Listening to the songs alone brings a peaceful tranquility minus the healing powers. The array of strings he brings into each song I can image myself listening to in all different settings from beach chair to a tree top in the mountains.

Here are some user reviews. *See bottom for disclaimer

– “I feel much more calm and relaxed when I listen to them. They really are the missing key I’ve been seeking. Also, makes me feel more creative, which as a part time musician is wonderfully exhilarating.

– “So far I have felt less stress and am sleeping better. I just received Wholetones a few days ago and anticipate more positive results.”

– “I can really breath. What is this music? I can’t stop breathing deeply.” Then I started laughing. On the second one I started yawning uncontrollably. My husband wept during the first. Neither of us was told to expect anything.”

– “I’ve really enjoyed listening to the music. I’ve been a fan for some time of what I call “music without words” because I want my thoughts to be my own as I listen. Even without the knowledge of the embedded benefits these tunes are wonderful for the free thinker. Your book Michael is an unexpected jem that provokes some new thought for me”.

– “My personality and spirit is uplifted and alive, feeling happiness like pure contentment! I have been told I’m looking bright and different in a good way. I had a complete stranger drawn to me at a business event yesterday, and she said, “excuse me but I have to say your eyes are beautiful, they are so CLEAR!” Never experienced nor enjoyed such a beautiful compliment!”


One of the issues I have with the product comes with the pricing. The songs are not available individually. However, they make this easier to take because the amount you get is a bargain compared to other sites that do not bundle. I would personally like to see both options.

What they offer is a Digital download of all 7 songs for $49.00. The Physical CD’s themselves (as well as the Wholetones book), for $99.00, and the two combined (Physical and Digital), for usually $149.00, which right now is down to $99.00.

If you wanted to listen to them in your car and don’t have means of MP3 or burning CD’s, the Physical and Digital option is best for you. If you do have means, the simple Digital option is all that anyone should need.

There is a free shipping code FREE88 (In the US), and there is also a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, which you just can’t beat.

There are free samples of each song on the site, which does a good job of giving you just enough of a teaser to want more. I found myself relaxed just from the short sample of “The Key of David” almost immediately.