Spiritual Readings Online: Are They Real?

There are many good reasons to search out spiritual readings online, free and paid to discover the answer to something that is on your mind.

Readings are sought by all kinds of people from all walks of life for a huge variety of reasons.

Whatever your own reason may be, it will be personal to you and tend to be in response to a situation that has arisen in your life that you are seeking a solution to or enlightenment about.

First it is useful to know the difference between a spiritual and a psychic reading so that you are aware what you will be asking for.

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What is a Psychic Reading?

The word "psychic" comes from Greek word psychikos which is a reference to the human mind or psyche.

A psychic is therefore a person who claims to make use of their extrasensory perception abilities to identify hidden meanings and messages that our five normal senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) are unable to identify.

A psychic reading is one performed by a psychic who perceives the answers to your questions through their own specialty ability.

What is a Spiritual Reading?

Initially, the term "spirituality" first appeared in the 5th century Bible.

Its meaning was that of being driven by the Holy Spirit or active with God.

The meaning was altered in the 11th century to refer to the mental aspect of life that was in opposition to the material aspect of life.

By the 18th Century spirituality became the descriptive term of a person more deeply Christian than others.

Eventually, religion became separated from spirituality to the way we see it now as making use of free expression and meditation as a means of reaching a person's true self.

Where at one time in the past, spirituality was linked with an attachment to religious matters or values, it is now considered to be a concept of attaining higher levels of consciousness.

A spiritual reading is a consultation where answers to a person's questions are provided through the use of spiritual means such as consulting inner spirits through meditation or deeper shamanistic methods, or using assistive tools such as reading tarot or angel cards, astrological readings, palm reading, numerology etc.

Now that you know what it is, are you interested in getting one for yourself?

You can go one of two routes to obtain a personal reading.

  1. Find a practitioner or reader in your town or near you
  2. Get a personal spiritual reading online

Arguably the most convenient method is to locate a good online spiritual consultancy that can provide exactly the kind of reading you require.

Where is the Best Place to Get a Spiritual Reading Online?

There are many highly regarded spiritual websites that offer a wide range of spiritual services including readings for a variety of reasons.

One of the better sites to visit and one I recommend myself is Kasamba as it provides one of the widest varieties of both psychic and spiritual readings using many different methods.

Many of the best rated psychic and spiritual practitioners offer their services through Kasamba and in many cases are exclusive to that platform. Each has their own prices that are clearly marked on their personal promotional boards where they describe the service they offer.

If you want to take advantage of a special deal I have with Kasamba to have the first three minutes of a reading for free, please click the promotional banner below to visit the site and claim your free three minutes:

Learning How to Be a Spiritual Consultant

There are always people that are curious to know how they can go about learning to give spiritual readings in one form or another. For example, one person may want to know how to become an online tarot reader while another may strive to become an online psychic reader.

Yet another may have an interest in giving psychic love readings to the many people who are in need of such a service to try to repair a broken relationship or to find that certain person that will fulfill them emotionally and spiritually. There are many different forms or reading that would qualify as falling into the "psychic" or "spiritual" category.

The first place to begin your own journey of learning how to provide spiritual readings for people either in a one on one setting, say at home or in a professional consulting room or remotely via the Internet is to select which area you want to specialize in.

The choices are many but you should not, at least in the beginning, try to become proficient in many different areas. Strive to be the expert in one area before extending yourself. Choose the area where your own ability and specialty lies.

There are different psychic types, as I'm sure you are already well aware.

Types such as clairvoyants (they have the ability of clear seeing); clairsentients (they have the ability to receive messages through feelings or physical sensations); clairaudience (they have the ability of clear hearing); aura readers; mediums (they have the ability to communicate with spirits); psychic surgeons; energy healers and telepaths to name a few.

If and when you feel that it's time to branch out, then it may be time to set about learning and becoming expert in a second specialty area of being psychic or spiritual reader.

What's the Difference Between Spiritual Advisors and Psychics?

Each discipline has its own characteristics that are relevant to the practitioner that sets them apart from each other. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each to see, at a glance what the differences are.

Spiritual Advisor Characteristics

Spiritual advisors have the following traits:

Psychics Characteristics

Psychics have the following traits:

As you can see from the above comparisons, there are many great differences between Spiritual Advisors and Psychics. Each fulfills a need as appropriate for life's differing situations and in aid of different causes.

One point that's important to mention is that while each is very different, they still all belong to the family of spirituality.

So in answer to the question put at the beginning of this page, "Are spiritual readings online real?" We can deduce from this essay that in the many cases where the source is trusted, those reading are as real as they would be were a person to consult with the spiritualist on a face to face basis.


Posted on April 4, 2019