The subject of spirituality and how it combines with our human lives is a huge one that can take many lifetimes to learn about and truly understand.

However, each of us has but one lifetime available to us to absorb as much knowledge and instruction as we can take in the hope that we may at least gain a partial understanding of what we are and why we are here on this Earth.

This section of the website is dedicated to the many easier-to-assimilate sub-topics of spirituality to help visitors to take in the knowledge little by little in small, easier to absorb chunks of information.

What Are We?

This most difficult and thought-provoking question is a good place to start researching.

I personally like to believe that we are the latter and as spiritual beings living with physical bodies, we are ever in search of answers to the many questions that our infinite mental capabilities keep throwing up at us. We are naturally curious about what we are, where we are and why we are here.

Our physical nature seems to be the limiting force that throttles our mind's ability to become in harmony with its infinite nature. Perhaps it is by design that we are the way we are so that we must work very hard to discover our true selves and that the answers will not come easily to us because it should not be easy!

It seems to me that we are also shackled by the environment around us, as our connection with our spiritual side is being deliberately prevented through physical means for what reason I simply cannot fathom. Here is why I feel this way.

The History We Are Not Taught

If the snippets and disconnected pieces of our true past that have been discovered and made public are to be believed, then our history on this planet goes back much farther than we are taught in school. It is possible that we are descendants of a highly advanced race that mysteriously vanished long before our modern history began as we know it.

Following this train of thought, thanks to the observable evidence that remains of buildings and structures that can only have been created by a highly advanced people in our pre-history, if we are their descendants, then certain of our mental and spiritual capabilities were either lost or have been curtailed deliberately to prevent us from regaining our past glory.

The knowledge of that past has certainly been either lost of stolen and is being held somewhere by someone to prevent us from regaining it. There are theories and conjectures aplenty that hint of certain groups wishing to maintain power by possessing the knowledge and not making it publicly known.

The Awakening

Whatever the truth is, a great many people are certainly waking up to the realization that we do possess a greater capability than we are using and that it is being suppressed somehow. One very compelling notion is that our pineal gland (the supposed seat of our spiritual selves and referred to as the third eye) is deliberately being calcified to prevent its operation.

Without the full function of the pineal gland, we are unable to function fully as we were made to. That function could be a higher state of awareness, telepathic connection with each other and all things, even a connection with the universal mind that is known by a number of names from Infinite Intelligence to God.

Could we, through this awakening, eventually work our way past the suppression of our third eye and finally express our true spiritual nature and connect with nature as we are surely meant to?

That remains to be seen.

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