Law of Vibration

It may not be widely known, but there is a law of vibration that governs our lives in so many ways that so many people may simply not be aware of.

This article looks at this law of vibration and explains what it is and how it interacts with our lives at the most fundamental of levels.

Have you ever wondered why physicists are saying that everything in the world is in constant motion?

law of vibrationFrom the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies, every particle of matter is in a state of perpetual movement.

This constant motion is known as the Law of Vibration, and it is one of the most basic and fundamental laws of the universe.

Everything is Energy

At the very core of the Law of Vibration is the concept of energy and its relationship to all that we know.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy and this energy is in a constant state of motion. This energy is constantly vibrating and moving in different frequencies, and this is what creates the movement of matter.

At the most basic level, energy is made up of atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of matter, and they are always in motion. They vibrate and spin, and this creates the movement of matter.

The frequency of the vibration is what determines the physical properties of the matter. For example, if an atom vibrates at a higher frequency, it will be a gas, while if it vibrates at a lower frequency, it will be a solid.

Atomic Particles

It is not just atoms themselves that are in constant motion, but also the particles that make up atoms.

Particles, such as protons and electrons, are also in a state of perpetual motion. They vibrate and spin, and this creates the movement of matter.

The Law of Vibration also explains why everything in the universe is in a constant state of change. As energy vibrates and moves, it creates new forms of matter. This is why we see stars, planets, and galaxies forming and changing over time.

The Law of Vibration also explains why certain things in the universe appear to be in a state of harmony. This is because the energy of the universe is constantly in motion, and it is always in a state of balance.

This is why certain things appear to be in a state of equilibrium, such as the orbits of planets, or the rotation of the sun.

Frequency and Motion

The Law of Vibration is also closely linked to the concept of frequency and the way in which motion creates varying waveforms.

Frequency is the rate at which an object vibrates, and it is determined by the speed of the vibration. This, in turn, determines the physical properties of the object.

By understanding frequency, we can better understand the universe and how everything works. The higher the frequency, the faster the object is vibrating.

Everything in the universe has its own unique frequency, and this frequency determines its physical properties. For example, a higher frequency will create a higher pitch sound, while a lower frequency will create a lower pitch sound.

The Universe

Understanding the Law of Vibration is an important part of the understanding of the universe.

It explains why everything is in constant motion and why certain things appear to be in a state of balance and harmony. Energy in motion is the essence of everything, after all.

It goes as deeply as even the spiritual aspect of life since literally everything is an energy form of some type. By understanding this law, we can better understand the universe and how everything works.

Vibration and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and its practice is closely related to the way in which energy vibrates at certain frequencies and the relationship of those frequencies to how our lives are lived.

Since like frequencies attract each other, it is reasonable to believe that like energy forms will form an attraction while unlike energy forms will repel each other.

Since our physical bodies are made up of pure energy and our frequency of vibration is variable, being determined by our state of mind and our emotional state, we can either attract or repel other people and circumstances without knowing we are doing it.

The human brain acts as a wave transmitter and receiver of thought waves (which are measurable energy forms in themselves), interacting with the transmitted thoughts of other brains constantly. Since our thoughts determine to a greater of lesser extent our emotional state, we will vibrate at a higher or lower frequency depending in our mood.

When in a high vibration state of happiness, prosperity, abundance and joy, we attract others in a similar state. However, when in a low vibration state of sadness, fear, poverty, lack and even anger, frustration or guilt, we attract others in a similar state.

The saying, "Birds of a feather stick together," is very apt in this situation, since most people can relate to feeling unhappy and meeting other unhappy people or feeling joyful and bumping into other happy, joyful people, but rarely the other way around.

You can read more about the Law of Attraction in the linked article dedicated to the subject.


Our lives are governed by our frequency of vibration and the way we interact with the external world that is vibrating on its own frequency.

Since we attract situations and people that are in a similar vibrational frequency to ourselves, our lives are steered in that direction, often without us realizing why. This knowledge can be used to our advantage.

By purposefully altering our thoughts to raise our emotional state and thereby our vibrational state, we can begin to repel the negative, low frequency situations and people while attracting more of the higher vibrational situations and people that will lift us up and move is in a positive direction through life.

This takes practice and know-how, but anyone can do it, by deliberately directing their own thoughts in a positive way. Having read this article, you now know that you can do that too!


Posted on February 13, 2023