Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner Training Online

What could be better than learning how to attract the things you want into your life? Taking a great Law of Attraction certified practitioner training course online, that's what!

By gaining the status of certified practitioner, you can share your knowledge and experiences with others and profit from your endeavors.

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Law of Attraction Certification

law of attraction coaching programsAre you interested in expanding your knowledge and experience in this area?

If you are, you should certainly consider taking a certified practitioner tuition course that will enable you to teach what you have learned and are using to transform your life to others in a classroom environment or one-to-one if you want to.

This can be extremely empowering especially if you lacked self confidence in the past.

The act of standing up in front of other people and relating to them what you know and have learned from this course is quite an experience (a pleasurable one at that).

What may surprise you to learn is that there are certification courses available that you can take online without ever stepping into a classroom yourself.

This can mean an easy way to gain your own certificate to teach this subject to others that is recognized worldwide.

Most of these self-study personal development courses are designed so that you can take them in your own time.

This is perfect if you are limited in your spare time but can take maybe a half hour here or there to do some study when it suits you.

Being able to learn at your own pace makes it a much more attractive proposition because there is no real pressure to perform at someone else's pre-defined idea of what is right.

What is the Best Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Course?

Of the few really good courses I have come across in recent years, easily the best of them all is the excellent program created by Dr Joe Vitale and Steve G Jones. You can read about it below.

I bought the course for myself two years ago and found it very useful. It built upon the knowledge I had already attained from reading the book and watching the movie: "The Secret" which, as you may already know, included Dr Joe Vitale as one of the main contributors.

Since I was already familiar with the energy and dynamism of Dr Vitale from that book and movie, I was naturally drawn to his online certification course.

law of attraction certification

What Will You Learn on the Course?

The program itself is divided into five digital books, each covering a main aspect of the whole. Here is a concise breakdown of those books:

  1. In the first book, simply entitled, "What is the Law of Attraction" the reader is introduced to the course and then proceeds to explain in some detail how the law actually works in all areas of a person's life. This is very helpful in solidifying any already obtained information from the book and movie "The Secret" on how the law can be used to literally attract whatever it is that a person desires.
  2. The second book, the focus is on how to initially apply the law in a person's life the correct way. It explains how important it is to reset past, limiting beliefs and transform them into new positive and empowering ones.
  3. The third book has a person looking at what they are currently attracting into their lives. It shows how by altering the person's frequencies, life expectations are similarly altered.
  4. The fourth book goes in-depth on the manifestation of desires by literally asking the Universe correctly. It also covers the importance and use of gratitude and forgiveness.
  5. The fifth and final book covers the neutralization of unhappiness while learning the lessons it is offering, after which beliefs are reframed to focus on what is possible and not with the law. It explains that by analyzing internal conflicts and negative emotions while creating positive intentions, a person can empower themselves fully in working with the law.

What is the Study Time Frame?

The major advantage to taking a course like this is there is no set time frame on how quickly or slowly you can complete the course. This flexibility means you can choose to study at your own pace.

Should you decide to throw yourself fully into it, it is possible to complete the course in as little as a few days. However, there is no prize trophy for finishing faster than anyone else!

In fact, the shortest allowable completion time is three weeks. The longest time allowable is eighteen months.

It is better and I would also recommend that you spend some time really getting into the material in each book to ensure you have gained a thorough understanding of what is being taught. I personally read and re-read each volume of the Joe Vitale Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Course several times to make sure I had fully absorbed and understood the teachings of the course program before moving on to the next volume.

See this review article for more information.

Fast or Slow?

Remember, this is not a test of memory. Sure it is possible to memorize the information and repeat it faithfully in the final examination, but repeating words from memory is not the same as truly learning the meaning of those words!

You have to really get inside the books and totally immerse yourself in the teachings, really letting it all sink in so deeply that a greater understanding is achieved. This cannot happen by taking it as fast as possible just to get the exam out of the way and having the certificate in your hands.

The ultimate aim is to have the full confidence to take what this course teaches and share it with other students. You can't really do that merely by repeating something you have memorized but not deeply understood.

To really provide full value to a student, you must be able to impress on them your great understanding of the material and the precepts of the law itself.

Where to Buy Joe Vitale's Law of Attraction Certification Course?

The usual way to purchase this course is by visiting the official website of the Global Sciences Foundation and pay the full price of $675.

I'm pretty sure that, even though this course would be well worth that cost, you would be happier if you could get it for less. Well, you're in luck!

I just happen to have a special link to a discount page where you can obtain the very same course for only $47 with the full authorization of the course authors, Joe Vitale and Steve Jones.

As an affiliate of Joe Vitale products, I earn from qualifying sales

Click the link below to visit that special web page where the course is further explained and where you can get the full course for that special discounted price!

Dr. Joe Vitale: Law of Attraction Certification

Did you click that link above to grab this course for the heavily discounted price of just $47 yet?

He who hesitates is lost. Don't hesitate. Get it while the discount is still available. It won't be there for long!

You snooze, you lose!

PS: If you already understand how the law works, you'll be very much aware that you have attracted this course into your life (and for a very affordable price). It is certainly an opportunity that you really do not want to miss out on.



Last Updated on December 29, 2022